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The aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic resulted in a massive number of shortages across the country.

You remember searching far and wide for these items??

It's Been Rough: Major Shortages New Jersey Has Already Experienced

New Jersey has already experienced quite a few shortages and a majority of them started during the COVID-19. It may feel like ages ago...but NJ has been through enough.

Well I've got an update...and for once, it is good news!

Here's all you need to know:

I am letting out the biggest sigh of relief because a shortage I told you about isn't exactly happening.

My heart stopped when I found out that we all needed to mentally prepare for a major shortage on avocadoes. This meant avocado toast at brunch would have been no more.


Ironically enough, this shortage would have had nothing to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to"a U.S. official conducting inspections of avocados [coming from Mexico] received a 'verbal threat' on his cellphone."

As a result of the safety issue, the United States halted all avocado deliveries from Mexico.

Being that Mexico supplies 80% of America's avocados, I thought we were SCREWED.....and so did public officials.



Here's what Mexico Manager of Agriculture Market Research Company Agtools, Raul Lopez had to say just a few days ago:

“In a few days, the current inventory will be sold out and there will be a lack of product in almost any supermarket.”

I thought people were going to start physically wrestling over the last few avocados in our grocery stores.

We were also lead to believe this shortage was going to last for a while because the ban from Mexico was going to be in affect "until further notice." We all know what that usually means.

Well good news!


According to the Washington Post, "the United States lifted its temporary ban on imports of Mexican avocados," as of this past Friday. 

Thank god. Avocados have already become that much more expensive...imagine how costly they could have become if this ban continued.

Some sort of deal was made for the Mexican ban to be lifted but specific details on this deal are not being released.

And ya know what....I don't even care. I'm just glad this deal was made.

So now I know I can enjoy my avocado toast at brunch in peace because what was I going to order? Regular toast?! Who does that....

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