It's been a long discussion, but it seems to finally be happening - you could walk down the Atlantic City boardwalk with an open container of alcohol in time for the Fourth of July Weekend.

Part of the debate has obviously been fine-tuning the specifics - you'll only be able to drink in the AC Tourism District, and you'll only be allowed to have a single beverage (no double-fisting, no walking the boards with a handle of Jack, no dragging a full cooler behind you).

I've been opposed to this law for a while; AC was once named the Drunkest City in NJ, people are already on edge after losing money in the casino, and I just felt like adding to the space for people to drink was a bad idea.

I've softened a bit though, knowing that there will be a specific area, a limit to the number of drinks, and a strong focus on the existing public intoxication law. I may have also softened because as I get older, the less I give a damn what anyone else does.

What do you think? Should people be allowed to cruise the boardwalk with a drink in their hand, or should it have to stay in the bar or restaurant or casino?

[via WPST]

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