While I don't really understand art, I know that millions of people do. People flock to galleries in droves to get their piece of culture. Well folks, I think art has officially jumped the shark. A performance artist by the name of Marni Kotak decided to give birth in a Brooklyn art gallery as a piece of PERFORMANCE ART. How in the world is giving birth art? It is terribly disrespectful to real artists to call that art. So lets say I decide to wash my car in an art gallery is that art? 15 people showed up to watch Kotak give birth (which we know is gross), how many would show up to watch me eat ice cream or do push ups? If people did show up would that also be considered art? I think we need to stop and make a few rules. Good singing, playing instruments, dancing, painting, drawing, sculpting, metal work, and MAYBE acting is art, EVERYTHING else . . .rubbish. People help me out here, when did art become a joke?

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