I was inspired to write this article because I was recently browsing through Facebook and saw a picture poking fun of fantasy football fans. The photo led me to question the integrity of playing fantasy football. (See the image after the jump)

The picture compares the fantasy football fan to Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts. BLASPHEMY I say!! Fantasy football isn't played by the typical social outcast you sat next to in home room. Fantasy football is played by almost 20 million worldwide. Guys, girls and even NFL players enjoy being part of the fun. FX channel even has a a sitcom based on guys playing fantasy football, entitled 'The League.'

Ever watch a television show based on a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons participants? Nope! When's the last time you heard of NFL players engaging in some D & D prior to kickoff?  Doesn't happen.

You cannot compare the two, it's just two entirely different fantasy worlds.