It's been two years since Andy and I were in a fantasy football league together. Last year I smashed his face in, and this year I aim to do the same thing. Check out both of our rosters, who do you think will pull off the victory?

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In case you're wondering why we start two quarterbacks and two flexes, we only have 8 players in this league. In order to keep everyone from having an All-Pro lineup, we had to expand the active rosters and make deeper benches, too.

Right now I'm solidly in 2nd place, while Chase is tied for 4th.

We each have players going Monday night, so I'll likely have to wait til Tuesday to post the final results. Stay tuned!


I smashed Andy's face in!

Screenshot-2017-10-24 Play Fantasy Football for Free - ESPN

As much as it hurt to watch Russell Wilson beat up my Giants, at least I got some fantasy points out of him. The battle came down to Monday night as Andy had Washington's Jamison Crowder and I was left with Jordan Reed, and thanks to a strong finish I ended up whupping the Tomato Cone.

My lifetime record against Andy Chase: 2-0!

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