Earlier this summer we were introduced to Miss May. She is a 10', 800lb Great White Shark that pinged off the coast of Atlantic City. Her last ping was in August up near the Boston area, but there's another female shark in our waters.

Once again, I KNOW THAT SHARKS LIVE IN THE OCEAN. You don't need to comment "omg sharks in the water who knew?". The shark isn't the news, it's how close it is to our area that makes it fun to talk about.

Anyway, welcome to the Jersey Shore, Martha! Martha is a smallish shark, compared to some we've seen in the past. She clocks in at only 7 feet and just under 200 pounds. She was actually tagged in August around Boston, so maybe she bumped into Miss May during her travels.


Martha joins the "Jersey Shore Great White Shark Club", along with Brunswick, a relatively tiny fella, weighing in at 8'9", 431 pounds. There is also big boy Ironside, a 12', 998 pound shark who pinged near Barnegat. We have Caroline, a 12-foot-9-inch, 1,348-pounder who pinged about seventy miles off the coast of Seaside Heights. The aforementioned Miss May has made a few annual appearances around Independence Day. And of course, the biggest baddest most legendary shark, Mary Lee, reached 16 feet, 3,400 pounds.

I'm continually fascinated by the work OCEARCH does in tracking sharks and other fish. The APP has a picture of Martha as researchers from OCEARCH were actually doing the tagging, which is very cool to see.

Thanks to my coworker Nicole @ 94.3 the Point for the tip!

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