WARNING: This article will discuss graphic and sensitive material. 

My heart is absolutely broken after reading this NJ.com article.

News has just recently broke that a video circulating on the internet of a boy abusing a dog while filming was taken here in New Jersey. More specifically, in the Atlantic City area.

According to the article, the video was posted to social media showing a boy, "punch the dog twice, kick it and punch the animal twice more before picking up the pooch and slamming it the ground. Then he kicks the whimpering dog one more time." 

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Atlantic City Police have no commented if they have found the boy in the video or the health status of the dog just yet.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: If you have any information on this case, please reach out by calling (609) 347-5766 or by texting Tip411. I beg of you to come forward if you have anything that could help.

But I am going to now use this story as an example of how our New Jersey parents need to do better.

This young boy showed zero signs of empathy towards the dog and that type of attitude towards animals is learned.

I am begging parents to sit down and have a conversation with your kids that animals deserve just as much kindness and respect as humans.

Whether they are big or small, have fur or scales....they feel pain.

I personally have not seen the video, and if I had I am sure I would be writing this with tears down my face.

And it is so disturbing to me that others would not be as disturbed as I am just from simply reading about this.

A new precedent needs to be set and it starts by preaching these rules at the start.

I am hearing about too many cases of animals being left outside in the cold to fend for themselves, abandoned in cages, getting injured because of the carelessness of humans or even worse, found with physical injuries that could have only been done by humans.

If animals aren't your thing....I get it. But then be cordial like you would to a human you don't like.

And if you do have an inkling that animal abuse is happening, there are numbers to call.

If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 so an officer will be sent to the scene immediately.

You can also call your local police department if is not quite as urgent.

If you are in Monmouth County, call the Monmouth County cruelty hotline at (877) 898-7297.

If you are outside of Monmouth County but still in New Jersey, call the NJ State Hotline at (800) 582-5979 where you can remain anonymous.

Trust me....this won't be the last you hear me talk about our culture as well as other country's culture revolving around animals.

I will not be quiet until change happens

That is all.

To read more about this disturbing case, head to NJ.com.

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