First, the anniversary.

I know it's a little strange to be bringing up a November holiday classic  in the summer, but it was 43 years ago today, on August 24, 1969, that Arlo Guthrie's movie "Alice's Restaurant" opened in New York and L.A.

Maybe it's just me, but I've always loved the original album recording from 1967 that inspired the movie over any subsequent versions of Arlo's witty and entertaining tale of a Thanksgiving long ago and the trials and tribulations of a young hippie.

There was just something captured in that moment of time that I don't think could ever really be repeated.

What do you think?

Do you listen to the album every Thanksgiving? Do you like any of the other versions of the song that Arlo has written over the years?

Oh, and about that disclaimer, made by Arlo himself on his website last month:

Folks take warning. There's a guy in the Northwest pretending to be me, Arlo Guthrie. Now I don't mind a little help once in a while, but there is only one official version of me I can deal with at any one time. So, beware! Do not be fooled. This is my official website and our company Rising Son Records is also really us. Check the schedule. If there's a guy offering to play a gig for you near Seattle, and our schedule shows us playing in Oklahoma the day before, the gig in Seattle is probably a hoax. Our dates are posted here on and on Our FaceBook page is Any other website or FaceBook page is a fraud. Please read this carefully. Note the punctuation. I am also There's no other me, that is actually me :)

If you have a doubt call our office (413-623-6112) or email ''




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