Let's see...is it 2017? Nah, we passed that. March 2019? Long gone. April 2019? In the past. June 2019? In the rearview mirror.

Mark your calendars (but do it in pencil, not ink) for the new 'official' Grand Opening of the American Dream Meadowlands: OCTOBER 25th!

Illustreation of the completed American Dream megamall in the Meadowlands (Triple Five)

Don Ghermezian, President of American Dream, said:

We know that the community has been eagerly awaiting the launch of this incredible global destination. We have a one-of-a-kind property that will reshape the way people think about entertainment, theme parks and shopping and we are so excited to reveal our incredible Nickelodeon Theme Park, DreamWorks Water Park and Big SNOW Ski and Snowboard Park.

I know we've mocked this entire project for a long time, but genuinely, I hope it succeeds. I'm not rooting for failure, but it's just been such an insane project, you can't help but laugh.

[via News12]

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