Hint: it's creepy and it's kooky...and it's really cool!

When TikTok isn't causing controversy with its harmful challenges, it does have some informative videos.  I found one today from @mybloodygalentine that shared so much about the origin of The Addams Family house.

The video shows the exact home in Westfield that inspired the beloved family's creepy house!

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According to @mybloodygalentine, Charles Addams (creator of The Addams Family) grew up in Westfield and passed this home, and another one in the neighborhood frequently.  The homes and the nearby cemetery become an inspiration for a series that so many of us know and love.  How cool is that?

The Addams Family isn't the only TV show with an unusual family that has ties to New Jersey.

As I've told you before, The Spellman Family home from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is actually in Freehold.  The more you know.

I was really excited to learn about this because growing up, The Addams Family (yes, the original one), was one of my favorite shows.

My parents showed me the series when I was a kid and I got hooked.  I was probably one of the only toddlers who wanted to be Morticia during dress-up time.

I can't find the exact address of The Addams Family inspiration homes, but the TikTok does mention that Charles Addams' home is at 522 Elm Street, if you ever want to "pay a call on" it.

If you want to see the video, I have it for you.

@mybloodygalentine Can’t wait for Addamsfest ‘20! #westfield #newjersey #spookytravel #halloween2020 #nj #addamsfamily #addamsfamilychallenge #theaddamsfamily #fypシ #🎃 ♬ The Addams Family (Main Theme) - Favorite Movie Songs

Did you know about this really cool fun fact?  I bet you'll never watch the show the same way again!

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