Ace Frehley said his former Kiss bandmates Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley “missed out” by not partying during the band’s tours.

While guitarist Frehley and ex-drummer Peter Criss became known for their hard-living ways during the '70s, the other two members were equally well-known for staying away from the parties.

In a recent interview with the Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown podcast, Frehley recalled having fun on the road with Rush, when the Canadian band served as Kiss' opening act.

“Invariably, after a certain amount of beers were consumed, Alex [Lifeson] would take a bag and draw up a crazy face on it and put it over his head, and he smoked a joint through the eye because he poked holes first so that he could see," he said. "And he just had us all rolling around on the floor, and I got a picture of it inside my book, No Regrets.”

However, Frehley noted, Simmons and Stanley didn’t find the trick amusing. “Paul and Gene, those guys never partied,” he said. “They missed out on so much.”

In the 2016 documentary Time Stand Still, Lifeson and bandmate Geddy Lee recalled how much Frehley enjoyed The Bag character. “The Bag would pop up every once in a while,” Lifeson explained. “It was just a face drawn on a big laundry bag. … I’d make two holes for eyes and drew a stupid face on it. The Bag was always drunk and really smart and knew everything.”

Lee added that "usually The Bag appeared in Ace Frehley’s room – The Bag would come over and entertain Ace.” “Most everyone else would be very upset with The Bag," Lifeson admitted. "Gene was very upset with The Bag, and that made Ace even happier.” You can watch the scene below.


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