This is a partially embarrassing story, so bear with me.

One of the aspects of moving, as my wife and I did a few months ago, is getting rid of old stuff. I've been selling a few things online, and had someone contact me to buy something. I figured a big public space would be safest, I suggested that we meet outside the Barnegat Police Station.

I was sitting in my car, waiting for them to show up. After a few minutes of waiting, I turned off my engine so I wasn't wasting gas. I kept the radio on; YES I KNOW THAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT. Still, there have been plenty of times I've sat in the car with the baby while my wife ran into a store, and spending 10-15 minutes with the radio on shouldn't kill a battery. Spoiler alert - this time it killed my battery.

My wife was still home with Baby Varacchi, so rather than have her pack up and drive over to give me a jump, I just walked into the police station and said "uh, hi, weird question, but can you give me a jump?"  Luckily the BPD has a jumpbox at the station, so two officers came out to rescue me. Huge thanks to Officers Werder and Cranmer!

The car has been running fine since, but I'm still getting the battery checked out this weekend, don't worry.

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