Luckily, schools out for summer because a New Jersey university is said to be one of the most haunted colleges in America.

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For years there have been reports of doors and windows slamming, lights flickering on and off, constant cold, and even a ghost who hovers over the beds of the tenants at Montclair University.

It is believed that Montclair is built on top of Indian burial grounds and alumni say it's a very scary school. So scary, that many refuse to go in the woods after sundown. There have been many reports of figures believed to be Native Americans spotted in the forests.

According to Classes and Careers, the worst stories come from the Clove Road Apartments.

Paranormal Experience #1

Tenants have reported electrical appliances turning on and off on their own, lights on the second floor flashing on and off by themselves.

Paranormal Experience #2

Unusual knocks on bedroom and bathroom doors.

Paranormal Experience #3

"Unearthly” noises emanating from the woods behind the apartments.

Paranormal Experience #4

Tenants also reported being overcome by an “unsettling feeling or nausea” whenever they discussed the strange phenomena at their apartments. Their apartments would be chilly even though the thermostat was set at 80 degrees (aka cold spots). Cold spots equal dead people.

One female tenant told of waking one night to find a man dressed in 19th-century garb standing over her bed, staring at her lovingly. Thinking it was her roommate’s boyfriend mistaking her for his girlfriend, she told him he had the wrong bed. The man suddenly disappeared into thin air.

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