When I attended Monmouth University, there were a lot of ghost stories. Most were the cliche "a student committed suicide in the dorm and now it's haunted" that I'm sure every school has, but there were a lot that were more specific to our location. Monmouth has a bunch of old buildings, so there were stories about ghosts in the Guggenheim Library, ghosts in Wilson Hall, and ghosts at the Woods Theatre. There were a few rooms in Woods Theatre that I always felt uneasy in, but my only real ghost experience came at the radio station.

The radio station obviously ran during the summer when school was not in session, and I was doing a shift. No one was really on campus, and the only people coming in or out of the radio station were fellow staff members. It's kind of hard to explain the layout of the studio, but there were hallways on each side, and when you were facing the board, there was a door slightly behind you on each side. I was blasting music and probably dancing around the studio when I saw someone walk past the open door on my right. Usually the DJs came in from the left, and the faculty or executive board went to the offices on the right. I was instantly embarrassed to be caught being dopey, so I dropped the music and peeked out the door to get ready for my mocking. No one was there. I walked around the hallway, into the lobby, down the other hallway, checking all the offices. No one there. I'm certain I saw a person walk past the door, but there was no one in the building other than me. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

Even with that creepy story, Monmouth didn't make this list of Creepy College Campuses. According to them, Montclair State University and Drew University are known for their paranormal experiences.

The Clove Road Apartments at Montclair are allegedly built on an Indian burial ground, and students have reported electrical appliances turning themselves on and off, lights flashing on and off, disembodied knocks on bedroom and bathroom doors, “unearthly” noises emanating from the woods behind the apartments, shadows lurking around in the woods, and even actual ghosts.

At Drew University, students talk about the sound of breathing coming from the chapel even when no one else is around, mist-like apparitions, and even the ghost of the original founder's wife, Roxanna Mead Drew.

Thanks to my coworker Matt Ryan for the tip.

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