UPDATE: This story is from May 7th, 2015.  For the latest on Mary Lee's whereabouts, CLICK HERE.



Her name is Mary Lee, and she is 3,456 pounds to be exact!

She was originally tagged in Cape Cod back in 2012.

Well, Mary Lee is back!  The great white's tracker was recorded around 8AM this morning, 10 miles off of Wildwood. Then at 1:04PM, Mary Lee pinged again about 12 miles off the coast a little further north, right on the border of Avalon and Sea Isle City.

Captain John Stevenson of the North Wildwood Police Department says:

"The ocean temperature is still in the 50s and there is no one in the water and she is still 10 miles out so no panic mode"


You can track all of Mary Lee's travels through Ocearch.org right HERE.

Here are Mary Lee's recordings since 2012. Every time her dorsal fin rises above the water's surface, OCEARCH receives a "ping".

mary lee shark in new york

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