I'm not sure if this is something new, but regardless it's pretty cool. You can climb Barnegat Lighthouse this Summer at night.

And to make it more exciting, a lot of the night climbs coordinate with full moons, campfires, and concerts.

Here are the dates for the Lighthouse night climbs:

  • Saturday 5/27: 7p-9p
  • Saturday 6/24: 7p-9p (Campfire and concert also scheduled for the evening)
  • Saturday 7/8: 7p-9p (Full Moon)
  • Saturday 7/22: 7p-9p (Night Climb and Concert)
  • Monday 8/7: 7p-9p (National Lighthouse Day & Full Moon)
  • Saturday 8/26: 7p-9p (Night Climb & Concert)
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