I know almost everyone reading this is looking forward to the opportunity to retire. We know life is short and to survive we have to spend a lot of it working. People who decide to work their entire lives and never take a break upset and confuse me. 100 year old Ray Nauroth is still serving drinks at a bar he has worked at for forty six years!! When he started serving at age 54 he had to figure he would work there 5-6 years and then go sit down somewhere. Instead he still works 3 nights a week, including Friday and Saturday. To put this in perspective, when he started working at that bar in 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson was the president! Also, I know he may be a spry 100 (he looks amazing) but, is there any way Ray is quick at making a drink? He must take a WHILE to make a scotch and soda. The bar is in Iowa, and I know things are slower in the Midwest, but they aren't THAT slow. I think the bar should put Ray in for private parties with a backup bartender to get the people their drinks. I really really hope Ray isn't driving himself to work. No way a 100 year old should be behind the wheel.

I don't want to be insensitive to the elderly. Nothing is wrong with a man wanting to work hard for his money. I just think that is enough is enough at some point. Should it even be legal to work at 100? Shouldn't it be sort of like child labor laws for adults? I think it may be somewhat cruel to allow a man that age to work in a facility where he is on his feet all night. Where is the compassion? We should be honoring the elderly not putting them to work. If you could would you work until you were 100?

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