The results are in, and you have spoken!

We asked our listeners what they thought were the worst/most dangerous parking lots at the Jersey Shore. The top 5 had HUNDREDS of votes!

1. The Shop Rite/Kohl's parking lot in Brick. Jenn calls it "Hell on earth." And just days ago there was a terrible accident there.

2. The Costco/Christmas Tree parking lot in Brick. Susan says "The entrance brings all the cars directly to the crosswalk where pedestrians are trying to walk."

3. Stop N Shop in Point Pleasant Borough. Andrea says "Absolute disaster. You're taking your life in your hands!

4. Shop Rite in Wall Township (Neptune and Toms River lots were close behind, and, actually, almost every Shop Rite lot in Monmouth/Ocean had complaints in this survey.) Carolyn says "I came within inches of being hit when walking into the store."

5. "Super Wawas. Andy says "I have been nearly crushed from every angle at ever Wawa with a gas station, especially between the pumps and store. It's a free-for-all."

6. Wegman's in Manalapan (the Wegman's lot in Ocean also got votes.) Maggie says "Life-threatening, whether you're walking or driving. Keeps me from shopping there."

7. Mounts Corner Plaza in Freehold. Aislinn says "Awkward stop signs everywhere, people plowing in every direction. That shopping center is a maze."

8. The Point Pleasant Borough Post Office. Neats says it's "horrific."

9. Brick Plaza. Jane says "Not enough parking, and the spaces are too close together." Others say they have seen people get run over, and getting in and out of the lot itself is a nightmare.

10. The parking lot in the strip mall in Howell on Rt. 9 with the 7-11, dry cleaner and bagel place. James says "there is a huge pot hole as you enter that has been there for over a year now."

CLICK HERE to see my personal top 3. What are yours?

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