There may be no genre of music that shows their support for our troops more so than hard rock and heavy metal. As we spend this Memorial Day weekend with our loved ones, there are military personnel all over the world fighting for our freedom. Many of our favorite bands have paid tribute to those amazing soldiers, both past and present in song.

Here are a list of songs, paying tribute to the troops that you may want to turn on during Memorial Day Weekend to pay homage to those have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and free.


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    Five Finger Death Punch

    "Far From Home"
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  • 4


    "Home Again"
  • 5

    Sammy Hagar

    "Remember the Heroes"
  • 6

    Guns N' Roses -

    "Civil War"
  • 7

    Iron Maiden -

    "These Colors Don't Run"
  • 8

    Overkill -

    "In Union We Stand"
  • 9

    Alice in Chains

  • 10

    Drowning Pool