May 2, 1960:  In the aftermath of the payola scandal, Billboard magazine reports that many radio stations are adopting what they call a "better music" format and banning rock & roll.

Fortunately, this goes over like a Led Zeppelin.

May 1, 1967:  32-year-old Elvis Presley marries 21-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, a girl he first met in 1959 when she was just 14-years-old.

Are you a little creeped out?

Me, too.

May 2, 1964:  For the first time in 51 weeks, The Beatles are not at the top of the UK album chart, as they're finally unseated by the Rolling Stones debut LP.

John has yet to meet Yoko, but she's still blamed.

April 29, 1969:  Ringo Starr adds his vocal to "Octopus's Garden" on the forthcoming Abbey Road album. It's only the second time that one of Ringo's own compositions has been recorded by The Beatles.

He doesn't appear bitter; however, despite being the oldest,  he is strangely one of only two Beatles left alive.

May 2, 1970:  Norman Greenbaum's Gospel/Rock hit, "Spirit in the Sky" tops the U.K. chart.

Greenbaum tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I'm just some Jewish musician who really dug Gospel music.  I decided there was a larger Jesus gospel market out there than a Jehovah one."

Jehovah is not pleased, and smites him.

May 4, 1970:  Four students are shot and killed by The National Guard at Kent State University in Ohio during an anti-war demonstration.

Yoko hasn't been blamed.