April 5, 1967:  Paul McCartney flies to America to attend girlfriend Jane Asher's 21st birthday party in Denver, Colorado.  He gives her a large diamond ring, which she later "lost".

April 7, 1967:  Paving the way for what would become an FM radio format, San Francisco's KMPX-FM begins playing rock 'n' roll album cuts instead of RPM singles.

Several thousand people are immediately converted to a new religion-- free-form rock radio-- complete with reports of ecstatic visions and "seeing the light", but that might have been due to acid trips.

April 4, 1968:  Bobby Goldsboro receives a Gold Record for the single, "Honey", even though the song is so bad it's directly responsible for at least 250 suicides.

April 6, 1968:  Pink Floyd announces that founder Syd Barrett has officially left the band, saying he's suffering from "psychiatric disorders compounded by drug use", which translates to bonkers, batshit crazy, gaga, daft, half-baked, looney, whack, stark raving mad, gone round the bend, and off to see the wizard.  Syd says he prefers the official: "gone to the darkside of the moon" instead, but he'll take "off to see the wizard", for obvious reasons.

April 3, 1969:  Jim Morrison turns himself in to the F.B.I. in L.A.  He's charged with lewd behavior and public exposure at a concert in Miami the month before.

He had mumbled his way through a couple of songs and frustrated the audience with the infamous line, "do you wanna see my cock?", to which one female fan responded, "Depends.  How big is it?"

April 1, 1970:  "Woodstock", the documentary on the Woodstock Festival, premieres in Hollywood. This is the only proof for anyone actually there that it really happened.