Check Out A Very Muddy Andy Chase at Rugged Maniac
I have had a very "messy' Summer so far!
Last week I was in a cheese eating competition at the Melting Pot in Red Bank, and a picture was taken of me with a lot of cheese not quite making it into my mouth.
This past weekend, I completed my first "Rugged Maniac" 5k run w…
I Taste Tested The “B” in IHOb at the Hawk Studio
IHOP has really made a lot of noise over the last week or so by changing the "P" in IHOP to a "B" saying they are changing their name to IHOb this past Monday.
A lot of people were quite angry and confused by this wondering what the hell is going on...
Check Out What Corinne Jewelers Wrote on Their Digital Sign
Corinne Jewelers on Main Street in Toms River is NOT happy regarding the ongoing construction that has been going on for years now!
They decided to put a message on their digital sign letting us know how long this is taking and how much this is costing taxpayers...
The Great Debate: What Do You Hear…Yanny or Laurel?
People on social media are losing their minds over this!
An audio clip is going around asking what word do you hear. Do you hear the word "Yanny" or "Laurel?
Take a listen
Alright, this is tearing apart the newsroom. Do you hear Yanni or Laurel
Watch- Andy Chase Operates Heavy Machinery
Now, normally this would be a bad idea. Actually, it would be a TERRIBLE idea.
But fortunately, this was in a controlled environment this past weekend at the Kubota Field Event at Argos Farms in Forked River with our friends at Ace Outdoor Power...
Today We Played Office Dodgeball…Check It Out
We are back for the 2nd Annual Dodgeball Tournament at Central Regional High School in the gym on Thursday 2/22 at 6p.
It's a lot of fun, so come watch the excitement and cheer on the teams and watch us kick some Dodgeball butt!!!. (at least try)
General Admission tickets are $5 at the door, and we ar…

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