Lots of birthdays this week in the rock music world.  David Gilmour, Robin Trower, Peter Wolf, Tom Scholtz.

Which got me thinking.  What were some music-related events this week in history?

March 6, 1970:  Charles Manson actually releases an album, called "Lie", to help raise money for his defense in the Tate-Le Bianca murder trial.

Yes, Satan's Spawn had musical ambitions while he wasn't brain-washing young women to slaughter people.  If only he'd have taken his own advice with his song, "Cease To Exist".

March 7, 1973:  The song from the movie, "Deliverance", "Dueling Banjos", was awarded a gold record, and thus began the unfortunate association between the banjo and....

March 8, 1973:  Paul McCartney plead guilty to charges of growing marijuana outside his Scottish farm and was fined $250.  Paul, apparently with a straight face, claimed that a fan gave him the seeds and he didn't know what they would grow.  The judge obviously had a higher I.Q. than 40 and didn't fall for it.

March 7, 1991:  The readers of Rolling Stone Magazine voted George Michael as the Best Male Singer and Sexiest Male Artist.  Rolling Stone is still attempting to recover it's dignity.