April 17, 1970:  Paul McCartney releases his first solo album, officially ending his days with The Beatles.

Yoko is blamed.

April 20, 1970:  The New York Times reports Catholic and Protestant youth groups have adopted The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" as a religious symbol.

Yoko is blamed.

April 15, 1972:  Roberta Flack's "The First TIme Ever I Saw Your Face" becomes a #1 hit.  It's featured in the Clint Eastwood film, "Play Misty For Me".

Just so you know: never ask me to do that.

April 17, 1973.  Pink Floyd receives a Gold Record for "The Dark Side of the Moon".  Due to a hole in the time/space continuum, it was/will be on the charts for 270 years.

April 19, 1980:  84-year-old George Burns becomes the oldest person to have a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 when "I Wish I was 18 Again" peaks at #49.

When asked if he wishes he was 18 again, Burns replies, "I wish I was 80 again".

April 18, 1981:  Yes temporarily split up when bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White leave the group to rehearse with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

The intended Supergroup never gets off the ground, but some devoted Yes/Zeppelin fans are still working on a machine to an Alternate Universe to see them in concert.

Don't knock it, we're close to a breakthrough.

April 15, 1996:  Some of Jerry Garcia's ashes are scattered near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  A small portion had been placed into the Ganges River in India 11 days earlier.

The rest are smoked or snorted by deadheads, who swear it was their best trip.

April 17, 1998:  Linda Eastman McCartney dies of cancer.

Yoko is blamed.