The economy has more and more people bringing their lunches instead of buying. People are making less trips to restaurants during lunch and instead "brown bagging it". Leftovers from the night before is a perfect way to save $ while at the same time not wasting food. There needs to be 1 food that is never ever allowed to be reheated at work though. EVER! That food is fish. With more and more people being health conscious it is natural for fish to be on a person's HOME menu but when you bring that fish to work and reheat it than you have crossed the line. There are few things worse in life then the stench of day old fish at your cubicle. It just isn't fair to the people around you. That fish smell wafts through the entire building and at times can grow from just being annoying to being downright nauseating.

Another thing, what about that poor microwave? What did the microwave do to you to be forced to smell like that? The next person goes to heat up, acceptable & always allowed, chicken and it comes out smelling like fish. Your coworker wants to heat up that cup of noodles and instead of beef flavor, its a mouth full of YOUR fish. This needs to stop before it becomes an epidemic. To review, by all means bring your lunch. Eat at your desk. Enjoy the leftover pasta or any other food you may want, but do NOT, and I mean do NOT, bring day old fish to work. Just don't do it. Don't say I didn't warn you when you become the office outcast.