Many of us have some sort of custom license plate frame, whether it's a nod to our favorite sports team, the college we went to, our status as a pet-owner, or even the frame that the car dealer installs when you buy it.

However, if that frame blocks any of the markings on your plate, you could face a $100 fine - more if you're a repeat offender.

It's not just a matter of covering the numbers and letters; having "Garden State" or "New Jersey" obscured could also result in a fine.

Townsquare News spoke to attorney Matt Rooney, who said that more often than not, police will give a warning for the first time, but will usually ticket an offender if it is "in conjunction with something else like a speeding ticket or an open container."

The MVC website also clearly states:

If your license plate holders obscure or conceal any lettering on the license plate, you are subject to a fine.

Most car dealers make an effort to ensure their custom frames do not conceal any part of the plate, but it's still worth a minute of your time to go and check it for yourself.

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