Cinco de Mayo.

Is it Mexico's Independence Day?


Does it commemorate some obscure Mexican Army victory in the 1800's?

Absolutely, but you didn't know that and neither did I.

Is it disrespectful of Mexican heritage for me to have just said that?


But I truly mean no offense. It's just that here in the states we largely think of this day as when we can get great drink specials and have a party for no apparent reason, except that it just happens to be the fifth of May.

Hey, in Mexico it's only a minor holiday.

The real reason I'm writing this blog is not to insult anyone, but to find out what the best margarita recipes are, according to the good people of Ocean County, who are known to get drunk regularly.

O.K. Seriously. I love Margaritas and would be happy if you shared your favorite recipes here.

I'm planning to use that blender and be transported in my mind to that beautiful beach in Belize I once had an affair with.

Give me the instructions for the best margarita below and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!



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