Flour or Corn?

There is no truer saying, "you don't miss something until you no longer have it."

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Making the move back to the northeast has been great when it comes to one-of-a-kind pizzerias, delicious Italian restaurants, you know, the restaurants that you can only find in the northeast.

Let's be honest, the restaurants you can only find in New Jersey.

Now, where did I move from?  I spent the last five years in San Antonio, Texas.  The culture, and the food, are all amazing but it did lack what I mentioned above.

Now that I'm here back in the northeast, I've been on the quest for a great taco.

Not a crunchy taco, that you can pick up at a drive-through, no, I'm talking about an authentic street taco.

Super easy simple, flavorful, on a corn tortilla, yes corn.  Little onion, cilantro. Salsa Verde.  Oh man, I'm hungry now.

Frankie Lopez, Unsplash
Frankie Lopez, Unsplash

Aside from delicious, authentic Mexican, if "street taco" wasn't in your vocabulary, it should be.  Life-changing.

One thing to know, those little meat-filled pockets of goodness are usually extremely simple.  You're not going to find cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, or anything like that, and don't ever ask for it on a flour tortilla.

Now, I may have leaned to one side on my taco rant.

From the street taco, and non-traditional tacos, we found some of the best for you in Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey.

I am truly a fan of 'the taco' and the many, different, delicious, creative variations that you can find no matter what city or town you are in.  Especially here at the Jersey Shore.

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