I've known Andy Chase for about a decade, and as long as I've known him he has sworn that he could get by as a left-handed specialist. Colloquially known as a LOOGY, Chase believed he could come out of the bullpen to throw some pitches at one batter then hit the showers.

Time to put up or shut up!

It might not be a big league gig, but the Phillies have put out an open call to look for a left-handed Batting Practice pitcher.

There are a few requirements to be aware of before you apply:
- Be at least 21 years old
- Be able to efficiently throw a baseball left-handed with precision accuracy and moderate pace
- Some previous experience at the high school, college or professional level preferred (but not required)
- Be available on all Phillies home game dates at Citizens Bank Park (exact hours TBD)
- Must be a selfless team player who wants to contribute to bringing a World Series Championship to Philadelphia.

steve carlton, philadelphia phillies
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

How amazing would that job be? The Phils' home opener isn't until next week, so there's still time to get your application in!

I can already picture the Disney-fied movie of this guy's life - the rags-to-riches story of a unknown pitcher who gets a chance to throw BP, catches the eye of the pitching coach and manager, gets his shot in the Majors, and goes on to help the team win a title. It could be you!

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