Back in the 1980’s when I used to come down to Seaside Heights as a teenager I would always get hooked and play some of the boardwalk games.  For the most part, it was to “WIN CHOICE” which included the biggest stuffed animal to give to my date.  Another game I’d indulge, was contributing to my then cigarette smoking habit.  It required the tossing of an oversized inflatable ball into what looked like a boxing ring filled with divots.  The goal was to hope the ball landed on the divot that would award you a carton of your favorite smokes.

Pack of cigarettes

I wasn’t always successful, perhaps a blessing in disguise.  I am happy to report I quit smoking cigarettes in 1989.

What a difference a smarter choice makes.  Fast forward to today as the habit of smoking continues to become taboo, it was already prohibited on the beaches in Seaside Heights.  If you want to smoke on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights it will cost you.  A new ordinance was passed last Wednesday that made the Seaside Heights boardwalk totally smoke free.  That means you can’t smoke ANYTHING.  If you do, you will be asked to leave or be issued a summons.  That includes tobacco products and marijuana.

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Even though Governor Murphy singed a law allowing the use recreational pot legal for those over 21, there are still restrictions as to where.  Furthermore, if you have a medical reason to light up, those same restrictions apply.  In fact, medical marijuana use in the state of New Jersey is not allowed on Scholl campuses, beaches or parks.

You may be thinking well what about the designated area’s that was set up prior, like on the ramps leading down from the boardwalk towards the street?  Nope.  You will soon notice a valiant effort to remove those ashtrays and new signs being posted to enforce the new rules.

According to Seaside Heights Mayor Anthony Vaz, “the law allows them to smoke elsewhere but now they cannot do so anywhere near the beachfront.  We can’t stop them from walking down the street and smoking it,” Vaz said. “We also have to have a reason to stop them.”

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