Local restaurants are continuing to work to serve customers during the craziness and uncertainty of this pandemic. All restaurants are working through curbside pickup/takeout and/or delivery, working with limited staff, and just doing what they can to make it through. Unfortunately we've seen some restaurants close, and some for good. I know times are tough for everyone, and all of our wallets are being impacted, but if you can afford it, it's important right now to support local businesses!

The CHEGG on LBI has been open to serve the community, but they admit that at times it has been a bit overwhelming. They posted on Facebook to apologize to anyone who has been unable to get through to make an order, and announced efforts to make it easier for everyone!

The CHEGG has added 5 new telephone lines, 3 of which are dedicated solely to answering calls from people who are waiting outside to pick up their order. They have also begun taking online orders.

That is the sort of thing that makes me love the CHEGG. Being open and honest with their customers, admitting they've been having a tough time, and striving to improve!

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