Last week, former Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno raised some eyebrows saying that New Jersey would be better off legalizing prostitution than marijuana.

Guadagno said she'd rather see prostitution legalized than lose "an entire generation of children to pot", adding prostitution is a "victimless crime and it will help women in terms of medical care and regulation."

Holy crap, man, what is it with people and their insane fear of weed? "Losing a generation"? Did the Guadagno family tree not survive the 60s-70s? I get that if you're the type of person who would get into politics (left or right, not discriminating based on that), you probably had a fairly straight-laced upbringing. It's just such a crazy fear-mongering mentality that marijuana is still this terror, a gateway drug that will turn you into a murderous psychotic after your first hit, that I can't believe still pervades society today.

It also blows my mind that Guadagno would consider prostitution a "victimless crime" often do we see the cliche of a violent pimp, a woman forced into a life of servitude, etc? I do agree that legalization would make things safer, because a woman could simply go into business on her own, BUT IT'S THE SAME FOR WEED, STUPID.

I don't deny that there victims when it comes to drugs, because you hear the stories that range from cartel-level murders to simple muggings that turn violent...but if marijuana were legal, I could just have my own garden in my backyard and not have to worry about Samson trying to kill me.

If I had to choose just one, I would go for marijuana, simply because the world of prostitution is not one I have any involvement with. If I could chose both, I would, because frankly I believe what a person does with their body is their own damn business. As long as it doesn't harm anyone else, you do you.

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