Some of us like a simple cup of joe, some of us like things a bit fancier, some of us (like me) don't drink coffee at all. If you want the high quality, the best of the best, the serious gourmet sh*t, then Starbucks Reserve is for you.

The Closter store will still feature a regular menu of Starbucks, but it will also include a special counter for those who want something extra.

A coffee served via the "siphon method" can set you back $10 for 12 ounces. Other options include cold brew, nitrogen-infused brew, Clover-brewed, Chemex, and more. You can also choose from small-lot Reserve coffees, including Rwanda Maraba ("juicy lemon and orange peel acidity with a caramel sweetness") and Sumatra Lake Toba ("fresh earthiness framed by spicy herbal notes with a syrupy mouthfeel").

Are you ready to open your wallet for that sort of experience, or will you stick with your corner deli to get a cup to wake up?

Pavel Timofeyev/ThinkStock

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