Keeping a New Year's Resolution always seems like a great idea when you're trying to make a change in your life.

A lot of people choose getting into shape or eating better as a resolution.

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Others try to monitor their drinking or quit altogether.

Personally, I always set a goal to read at least one more book this year than I did last year.

Keeping your resolution can also be challenging depending on where you live, and according to a new study there's one city in the Garden State that ranks as the worst city in the country when it comes to keeping your New Year's goals.

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What NJ City Ranked As The Worst In America For Keep Resolutions?

WalletHub released a list of some of the best and worst places in the country to keep your resolutions and sadly the Garden State didn't do too well.

WalletHub looked at things like financial goals, health and wellness goals as well as wanting to change bad habits.

Seattle Washington ranked as the best city in the country for people setting and keeping New Year's resolutions.

In the middle, we had Jersey City which ranked as the 80th overall pick for a city that sticks to its goals, still not a very high ranking.

And in dead last at number 182 we had Newark New Jersey.

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If you're looking to set and keep goals, Newark may not be the place to try and do it.

With an overall score of 39.11, when compared to Seattle's 67.86 score it's pretty shocking.

That being said just because you live in or near Newark doesn't mean you can't make, meet, and achieve your goals I see WalletHub's ranking as a motivational tool.

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