You really need to give this New Hampshire woman some credit. Sure, while what she did was completely illegal, the way in which she did it was very creative. So that's worth something, right?

On Monday, police in Alexandria, New Hampshire posted to their Facebook page that they had pulled over a woman with an illegal registration sticker on her vehicle. No, it wasn't just expired, it was a completely fake sticker. And the woman had taken a rather creative approach: she made it out of the wrapper from a block of cheese slices!  Now that's some ingenuity!

Unfortunately, the police did not share in our enthusiasm and impounded the woman's vehicle. Making a fake registration sticker is a misdemeanor which could end up costing this woman $2,400, which we're assuming is just a bit more than it would have cost her to register the vehicle the legit way. But who knows! Maybe she's been doing this for years and it actually paid off in the long run!

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