Ok, I’m gonna sound like the biggest hypocrite on Earth but I actually miss the Winter. What we are having right now is NOT Winter. 50 – 60 degree temps is far from what Mother Nature intended. Could I be so bold as to say I miss the snow?

Snowman in Lacey

Yeah, I know. I’m crazy. When I say snow, I mean the kind we had last weekend. A light coating to an inch in Ocean County. Nothing too crazy. No 2 feet or anything. Just a little white to remind us it’s January and it’s supposed to be cold.

I bring this up because last night while taking the garbage out, a mosquito the size of a Buick flew into my house. I obviously didn’t see it right away because it was dark out.

My wife and I began watching President Obama’s State of the Union speech when I noticed the bugger flying by the lamp. I then spent the next half hour trying to find it. Finally I got it but not before yelling expletives about how we wouldn’t have mosquitoes around if it was cold like it should be.

Winter!? Where are you!? Come back! Give us temps in the 30s and 40s again with only light snow. Not having to wear a jacket is bumming me out. I’m sure I’m probably the only one feeling this way.

Ok, done for now.

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