Ok, we are about to have a battle royal on the Jersey Shore Morning Show over this one. In fact, we are calling all foodies and all Italians to chime in and voice your opinion!

We've all heard (and participated in) the sauce vs. gravy debate.  More personal than the pork roll vs. Taylor ham argument, this one is about Sunday dinners at Nonna's house. I get it, we all think we're right about this kind of thing because our personal lens is wrapped in nostalgia. * Writer's note, the correct answer is gravy and macaroni in case you were wondering.* However, that is not what this difference of opinion is about.

Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash
Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

Yesterday, I was telling my Jersey Shore Morning Show co-host, Lou Russo (100% Italian BTW), and our Producer Jimmy G that I heard an Italian food fail and I was waiting for them to commiserate.  Instead, they think I'm nuts!  Here is what happened.

I was in an Italian restaurant and someone at my table ordered bruschetta.  The problem was not with the spectacular appetizer selection, it was with how she said it. She said, "can we please start with some bru-shet-tua?"  I died a little inside.

Photo by Konstantinas Ladauskas on Unsplash
Photo by Konstantinas Ladauskas on Unsplash

I wrestled myself in my mind wondering if I should tell her that she said it wrong and then I thought, I can't let her go around saying this the wrong way her whole life can I?" I mean, isn't that like not telling your BFF that they have food in their teeth?  Or that the edge of her skirt is caught in the back of her Spanx before walking into a dinning room full of people?  If someone's fly is down do you not quietly pull them aside and break the news?

So, I told her..."pssssst...come here, I thought I should tell you that you are saying it wrong. There is no shhhhhh in bruschetta.  That "sch" is a dirty little trap. Don't worry, I got you Boo...this is how you say it:

It is "BRU-S-KETTA" that's right, it is a hard C all day long. She dropped her napkin, clutched her pearls, and said that I did not know what I was talking about.

At this point Lou and Jimmy G are totally siding with her!   I'm gonna need some reinforcement here.  Do you say "BRU-SHET-TUA" or "BRU-S-KETTA"?  I hate to be a stickler, but there is no room for debate.

We would love you to call into the show tomorrow and tell us what you think!  Even if you don't agree with me, we still want you to call 732 -643-0943.  By the way, thank you in advance for looking up "how to pronounce" on YouTube to see what the pros say!  ;-)  You can also email me Shannon.holly@townsquaremedia.com and tell me your thoughts!  I may read your comment on the show tomorrow morning!

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