Forbes compiled the list of the richest person in every state, and while I guess there's technically a chance that this person listens to the Hawk, odds are that it isn't you. Sorry.

John Overdeck of Millburn is the state's richest resident, with a net worth of $6,100,000,000. Not a typo, that's six-point-one billion dollars. Six BILLION one hundred MILLION dollars.

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John Overdeck is the co-founder of Two Sigma Investments, a quantitative trading powerhouse with $57 billion under management. Two Sigma is a data-driven hedge fund that absorbs large amounts of information to predict the prices of securities. Two Sigma also runs a market-making business, owns a Bermuda reinsurance company and operates a venture capital arm. Overdeck has given $145 million to his charitable foundation, tax filings show. It supports children’s education programs. He began his career at quantitative hedge fund D.E. Shaw, then spent two years working for Amazon before starting his own firm with fellow billionaire David Siegel in 2001.

Man, wouldn't it be nice to be known as "fellow billionaire"?

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