I have two dogs. They're both small dogs, but they're both long-haired. My mini-dachshund is like a regular dog, in that his hair will stop growing at a certain length, but our maltese/shihtzu mix will just grow and grow and grow like human hair.

My wife is a hair stylist, but there is a HUGE difference between giving a person a trim and giving a dog one. We gave it a shot this weekend, and while it wasn't terrible, the results were less than perfect.

When the dog groomers were finally allowed to open, we called up the PetSmart on Route 72. At first we were told they had made the decision to not re-open; yesterday we were told they were open, but were so backed up they weren't even adding names to the Wait List.

I've tried to reach out to a mobile groomer in Barnegat where we live, but never heard back. I'm slightly hesitant about the mobile groomer thing anyway, so let me know if you've had good experiences with one!

At this point, the haircut is actually of secondary importance, because what we really need is a nail trim. If I can't go to one of the big stores, and mobile ones have been hit-or-miss, what do fellow dog-owners suggest?

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