I'm amazed at how precisely scientists can predict eclipses. To think that thousands of years ago, people were sacrificing virgins in hopes that the gods would return the great ball of fire in the sky; now we can actually give the world advance notice, DOWN TO THE MINUTE, as to when we can view an eclipse.

future eclipses

In case you can't view that image, here's what we have to look forward to:

April 8, 2024

A total solar eclipse will pass over the central and northeastern US. It will run through Texas up to the Great Lakes area, so those of us in New Jersey still won't be quite in the path of totality, but we should get a bit more coverage than we had for the 2017 eclipse.

August 12, 2045

This will be another coast-to-coast eclipse, running from California to Florida, not great for NJ.

March 30, 2052

Running across the southeast, we might get about the same coverage as we had in 2017.

May 11, 2078

Slightly closer than the 2052 eclipse, but still only coming as close as North Carolina before heading over the Atlantic Ocean.

May 1, 2079

THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Just look at that path of totality!

eclipse 2079

It practically starts in Ocean County, perfect viewing for us! That is, of course, assuming we're alive in 2079.

Wiki has the list of eclipses in the 21st century, all the way up to September 4th, 2100.

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