Very often I will simply take a walk or a drive around the Jersey Shore, looking for my next article of interest for you at home. Sometimes the stories are close and sometimes the stories are miles away...but you just never know what will jump out at you while I am looking about.

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This particular "Jersey Shore Trip" I didn't have to go far, because I spotted some new work happening right here in Downtown Toms River involving the old town hall.

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A little history about the "old" town hall building (circa 1902) here in downtown Toms River. According to "Downtown Toms River" Originally residence was built for a local sea captain, the township then bought residence after World War II for use as its main municipal building. The building’s façade was covered with brick so that it complemented the 1851 Ocean County Courthouse located diagonally across Washington Street.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So recently as I drove through downtown I saw fencing all up around the "old" portion of Town what is going on? Is the "old" section going through renovations? are they landscaping? roofing? or interior work?

If you know please share and let our listeners know what this latest project is? I tried researching and was not able to come up with any definitive answers, but I'm curious so let's find out.

We love the rich history here downtown so the upgrading is a welcome sight to keep things good for generations to come :)


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