Most of us can still remember that feeling… A crisp, freshly issued driver’s license in hand (thumb nonchalantly covering that terrible picture), a set of keys in your pocket, and an evening with seemingly endless possibilities.

Do you go back to that wonderbar radio or a back seat littered with those HUGE 8 tracks?  Either way, you were probably rocking out to the sounds that became the lifeblood of 105.7 The Hawk. Most of the time the itinerary consisted of cruising around to the boardwalk or that local hang out, the Dunkin Donuts or Dairy Queen maybe?

It was all a part of the culture back when “social media” consisted of actually seeing your friends.  Some of those favorite first cars are now worth unforeseen amounts of money, leaving you cringing at every Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction on TV.  Others are nothing special, but you had a blast in them anyway.

My first was a 1976 Blazer my Dad originally bought for parts and I conned into letting me fix it up.  There are more stories than I can count attached to that old truck, and I know I’m not the only member of the Hawk family with these kinds of memories.

I’m asking you to share with us, what was your favorite or first car? What do you remember most about cruising around back before you had to be a grown-up and had to consider selling a kidney for the gas money? What was that car you used to have that you wish you still had around today?

Scott Olson, Getty Images