It's pretty simple and straightforward.

Jerry pretty much summed it up, no?

Jerry Garcia, founding member of the Grateful Dead, and it's undisputed leader (though he resisted that role) died 17 years ago today, on August 9, 1995, of a heart attack while in a drug rehab facility in California.

Years of hard living, drug use, an unhealthy diet and a cigarette habit, all caught up with him over the years and he died just 8 days after his 53rd birthday.

But of course his words and his music live on!

One of my personal favorite Dead tunes has always been "Box of Rain", with it's sweet comfort, it's gentle hope, it's message of love.

The song wasn't written or sung by Jerry, but somehow I think it fits in remembering him, since it was the last song the Grateful Dead ever played, at Soldier Field in Chicago, on July 9, 1995.

Rest in peace, Jerry, and know your message is heard!

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