Yesterday's storm ended up being way worse than expected, especially in the northern parts of the state. Bridges were closed, roads were blocked, people were stranded in their cars for hours.


Hopefully you didn't get stuck anywhere for too long like my friend up there, but just in case there's another big storm in the future, has a list of tips to help you get through the ordeal.

  • Stay in your car, but only run the engine and heater sparingly
  • Make sure your windows don't ice over - keep the supply of oxygen available
  • Stretch/exercise your arms and legs to maintain blood circulation and keep your body temperature up

People have added comments around Facebook including their own tips, like:

  • Be sure to keep your exhaust pipe clear. Shovel away any snow that may accumulate to prevent carbon monoxide buildup
  • Keep a few blankets in your car
  • Have a small case of water

What would you add to the list? I always have a few blankets in my car, I have an old scrap of carpet to try to slide under my tire to get better grip in my trunk, and for some reason I have like three ice scrapers of varying lengths and widths.

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