A friend of mine posted a picture and some video to Facebook, showing damage done to her windshield and a number of other cars.

In case that post gets changed, my friend claimed her car and 15 others were shot at while driving down Route 539 in Plumsted. The comments section erupted into an argument over what type of bullet would do that type of damage, or if it was just rocks kicked up by a truck, or what.

While I don't think there's some guy camped in the woods along Route 539 trying to pick off drivers, I also think that it's crazy that so many cars would have been struck in what is basically the same spot. I've had plenty of rocks kicked up or bounced out of an open truck, but never seen anything of quite that size left on my windshield.

According to Ocean County Scanner News, a police officer called dispatch stating an oncoming vehicle launched an "object" into their vehicle as they crossed paths. The officer said it left a big dent and asked that NJSP and Upper Freehold be notified of the issue. The vehicle launching objects may be a grey sedan.

If you were struck or know anything about this, contact the Plumsted Police Department.

UPDATE: TSM News got in touch with the Plumsted PD and got this response:

There’s no evidence anyone was shooting a firearm at vehicles. As of right now all we know is someone was driving north on CR539 and was throwing objects into the opposite lane of travel resulting to damage to 15+ cars. It’s currently under investigation by Det. Anthony Ringle, if anyone has any information please call him at 609-758-7077 ext 203.

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