The kids are home from school, some of us got a free day off (although some of us are at work)...time to binge-watch and catch up on some shows you missed!

Here are my best suggestions:

Stranger Things - If you haven't watched this already, what the hell are you waiting for? Stephen King + The X-Files + every 80s movie ever.

The Walking Dead - I'm all caught up as far as new episodes, but it would be nice to go back to when this show was consistently awesome, right? Instead of getting 2-3 good episodes per season.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Maybe the dumbest most brilliant comedy I've ever watched.

The Blacklist - This show has started to drag, but the first few seasons were solid spy/crime drama.

Blindspot - Almost the same as The Blacklist, started off with an interesting premise then just sorta fell off the rails

The Good Place - Okay, a simple 30-minute network comedy is not my usual thing...but something about this show really clicks.

Fixer Upper - I don't know what is stronger, my man-crush on Chip or my crush-crush on Joanna.

binge watching

What will you be watching today? What are some shows you think I should binge?

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