I was talking to our digital guy Brad this morning. He was grumbling that the Dunkin Donuts he stops at for coffee didn't have a drive-thru, and today's pouring rain drenched him as he ran in and out.

It got us discussing why more places don't have drive-thrus, and frankly why EVERY place doesn't have one.

Here's a quick list of restaurants and stores we think need a drive-thru option, can you add any?

WAWA - the only downfall is that sometimes Wawa sandwiches or bowls take a few minutes to make, so the drive-thru line would be long...but to have the ability to just roll up, order my Shorti, and drive off? It would be awesome.

SUNDAES - any ice cream shop would work, but Sundaes is my personal fave.

UNCLE DOOD'S - this is the definition of laziness, because Dood's location in literally steps away from the Hawk studio. Still, when the weather is crappy, it'd be nice to not have to get out of the car.

BUBBAKOO'S - I haven't been to all of Bubbakoo's locations, so I actually can't say for sure that they don't have a drive-thru at any of them...but I know the few that I have visited don't, and now I have the jones to get those delicious mahi mahi tacos.

BACOLI - my favorite pizzeria in Ocean County! Ordering a pizza at a drive-thru window doesn't make sense, but at the very least it would be convenient to be able to pick it up without getting out of my car.

REDBOX - Another great example of laziness. Redbox machines are already close to the street, but when it's cold or rainy, it'd be nice to just reach out of the car to get my movie.

BABIES R US - When you need to make that quick trip just to buy diapers and wipes, it'd be so nice to not have to trek through the big store to get one item.

LITERALLY EVERYWHERE BECAUSE OF THE BABY - Ever since Baby Varacchi arrived, I have been thankful for drive-thrus. They are just so damn convenient. Packing the baby into the car is a process, making sure she has warm enough clothes, locking her into the crazy 5-point harness in the car seat, putting a blanket over her, making sure her pacifier doesn't go flying...having to undo all that just to go in a restaurant is a hassle. Add in the fact that sometimes the motion of the car is the only thing keeping her asleep, add in the fact that we try to be polite and not bring a crying baby into a restaurant, drive-thrus are just better for parents.

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