How fun is it that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy remained nine rest stops along the Garden State Parkway with famous celebrities from New Jersey?

Those names include James Gandolfini, Larry Doby, Connie Chung, Whitney Houston, Jon Bon Jovi, Judy Blume, Celia Cruz, Frank Sinatra, and Toni Morrison.

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Notice Bruce Springsteen was not on that list.  That was no mistake, The Boss said “no”.

Natasha Alagarasan, spokeswoman for the New Jersey Hall of Fame said,

 "Bruce Springsteen respectfully declined to have a service area named after him”


It was the New Jersey Hall of Fame that assisted Murphy’s team to name those honored.

Well, I wonder how Bruce would feel if he was asked to lend his likeness to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant lineup?  If it were up to those of you who responded on Facebook, the familiar voices of Bruce Springsteen, James Gandolfini, and Joe Pesci would be answering your Alexa questions.

Those three New Jersey celebrities and a host of others were part of your responses.  As it stands now, Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy are the only three famous people providing their golden pipes as Alexa Voice Assistants.


In 2009, Amazon introduced their celebrity voice program and announced the addition of Jackson’s voice as an option to respond to your quarries.  It wasn’t a free option, for the low price of just .99, you too could enjoy the style of Samuel L. Jackson’s personality through your Amazon smart speaker.  That being said, there was a clean and dirty version of his responses.  Both Shaq and McCarthy will set you back $4.99.  Don’t know how Samuel feels about that price point, but can’t you just hear his response now?!  That’ll be .99, please.

Joe Pesci is among the favoties.  Here’s the complete list of how listeners of 105.7 The Hawk responded…

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