TV Guide ranked the most popular current and former episodic comedies and dramas set across America, according to Watchlist data from users.

What show is most popular in NJ?

It's The Sopranos, right? The show that critics say ushered in a new "golden age" of television? The show that fans still long for, the show that had a finale people still get mad over, the show that is spawning a prequel movie? It has to be The Sopranos, right?

the sopranos
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According to TV Guide's "Watchlist", the most popular show set in NJ is: Boardwalk Empire.

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Final Year Confirmed Series Finale

I mean, I get the prestige of an HBO series, and I understand that Boardwalk Empire was very popular...but in a head-to-head matchup, I can't believe that many people are choosing it over The Sopranos.

If you ask me, the best show set in NJ is, was, and always will be Aqua Teen Hunger Force...but I guess we can at least enjoy the fact that it isn't Jersey Shore.

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