Ben Stiller Led Television Series Films At Jersey Shore
New Jersey is becoming quite the destination for filming first-class television series and movies. This year's break-out hit The Equalizer with Queen Latifah has found a home filming in New Jersey. Last month an M. Night Shyamalan thriller, Servant, filmed in Ocean City. And we know all good…
Paw Patrol Protest: What is "Copaganda?"
I'm not much a TV watcher. I hit all the high notes, but you're far more likely to find me watching a movie or playing a video game. I do, however, have both an elderly dad and a toddler nephew, which gives me close access to the target demos of the CBS drama "Blue Bloods"…
Second Show Added For Price is Right Live in Asbury Park
Due to popular demand, a SECOND Price is Right Live show has been added for the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park on Saturday, October 20th at 4p
Tickets go on sale Friday, March 30th at 10a
Price is Right Live is just what you think it is:
The Price Is Right Live™ is the hit interactive stage show that…
Bamboo Owner Defends TV Show
Amidst all the anger regarding the possibility of a new reality show coming to Seaside Heights this summer, Bamboo Bar owner John Saddy is trying to calm everyone down, and explain what is going on.

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